MyECheck, Inc., a leading provider of electronic check payment services, announced today their newly signed agreement with Regal Entertainment Group to use MyECheck electronic check services on the Regal websites. Regal will be accessing the MyECheck service through the Cardinal Commerce platform so that no direct technical integration with MyECheck is required.

Once launched, Regal patrons will be able to purchase discount movie tickets and gift cards through the Regal website. The MyECheck service is compatible with every checking account in the United States, including business accounts and accounts that Automated Clearing House (ACH) e-check solutions cannot debit. The scope of this service widens Regal Entertainment Group’s customer base by enabling more moviegoers to purchase online. The service is expected to begin within 30 days.

Ed Starrs, CEO of MyECheck, commented, “We are very pleased to add Regal Entertainment Group, the leading motion picture exhibitor in the world, to our rapidly growing portfolio of clients. I believe that our service will increase sales and lower costs for Regal, in addition to providing exceedingly fast, secure and convenient payments for Regal and its patrons.”