MyECheck, Inc., a Federal Reserve certified Check 21 provider, offers the industry's most comprehensive suite of check image creation and clearing solutions. From back office check image clearing to real time internet processing, the company is offering a solution that will help businesses save money and unlock a larger potential customer base.

MyECheck’s RCC image service is the world's first Check 21 processing solution for remote and online transactions. The company's RCC solution can clear funds from any checking account in the Federal Reserve banking system; more institutions than ACH can reach. RCC images also clear faster than ACH, and have fewer returns. RCCs are not governed by NACHA and are not subject to their rules, fees, fines or chargeback policies.

The MyECheck system clearly is the safest, fastest, and cost-effective method for retailers and ecommerce sites to electronically process customer payments. The speedy and secure clearing capability allows retailers to reduce their risk and improve cash flow, which in turn allows any company to provide services and products with more confidence.

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