Fans got a sneak peek of NBC’s new comedy-drama “The Mysteries of Laura,” starring Debra Messing. Officially, the show does not premiere until next Wednesday, Sept. 24, but NBC let fans get an early look at the pilot episode after the finale of “America’s Got Talent” Wednesday night, a time slot that pulled in over 10 million viewers.

“The Mysteries of Laura” stars Messing as a New York homicide detective. Tough and super cool, she is totally in control locking up bad guys by day, but off the job she is in over her head raising twin sons with a checked out husband, played by Josh Lucas (“Sweet Home Alabama”). The show follows Laura (Messing’s character) as she struggles to balance life as a cop with life as a parent while getting rid of her lousy husband. Things also get complicated when her boss in the NYPD becomes her chief suspect in a murder case.

Watch the trailer for “They Mysteries of Laura” below:

“The Mysteries of Laura” has not received much praise from critics, sporting a 24% rating on Rotten Tomatoes (which aggregates positive critical reviews) and Matt Roush of TV Guide saying the show “tries very tryingly to be both a wacky domestic comedy and a jokey, hokey whodunit, pushing for laughs with depressingly cheesy results. It's two bad shows in one and feels like a USA Network castoff.” However, the poor reviews did not seem to deters fans from watching. The premiere was viewed by 10.4 million people, the highest rated new series launch since NBC's "Believe" in March

The success of “Mysteries of Laura” will depend on what fans think of the series. A truer test for "The Mysteries of Laura" will be how the show fares when it is not piggybacking off of the massively succesful "America's Got Talent." Can it sustain the pilot's numbers without the big name lead in? Will Debra Messing carry the show to success, or fans catch up to the critics and make this a one season stint? Audiences will have to wait and see.

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