Walter White (Bryan Cranston) isn’t the only one who has a soft spot in his heart for science! Discovery Channel duo, Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman, put their scientific skills to the test when the twosome tackled a “Breaking Bad”-themed quest during Season 15 of the hit series “MythBusters.

Throughout the installment, Savage and Hyneman attempted to debunk whether it was possible for Heisenberg, mastermind behind the coveted blue meth, to take down the entire Aryan Brotherhood with nothing but a rigged M60 machine gun.

During the series finale of the hit AMC drama, titled “Felina,” which aired in 2013, Walter created a killing machine (literally) that he hid in the trunk of his car. After making his way to the hangout of the villainous skinheads, Walter tackled his partner Jesse (Aaron Paul), who was being held captive by the Brotherhood, to protect him from the gun he was about to trigger. In the Season 5 episode, Walt ended up killing all but two members to the Aryan Brotherhood. So, Savage and Hyneman wanted to test to see if Walt’s killing method could really take out his enemies with the man-made weapon.

The hosts of “MythBusters” recreated Walt’s deadly weapon, which was made up of items they found in retail stores – like Walt! But before they tested out their lethal concoction, the two invited Vince Gilligan, creator of the award-winning drama, to witness first hand if the Walt-made creation was a plausible method of murder.

“That was awesome,” Gilligan said after the M60 shot off 200 rounds of bullets into a makeshift “Breaking Bad” scene.

In addition to being “awesome,” the myth turned out to be… plausible!

“I’m happy that I believe we can finally call a ‘Breaking Bad’ test plausible,” Savage said with a smile to the showrunner.

“We finally got one!” Gilligan responded.

The myth-busting duo previously attempted to debunk if it was possible to dissolve organic matter in hydrofluoric acid and the impact of throwing solid mercury fulminate to the ground.

“One out of three,” Gillian added. “That’s good in like baseball.”

It sure is.

“MythBusters” airs Saturdays on Discovery Channel.