After all the fame and popularity bestowed upon her by the public and media ever since she gave birth to octuplets, Nadya Suleman seems to be regretting everything.

Her house was investigated for child neglect following a complaint registered by her hairstylist. The Octomom now says that she has been set up by her hairdresser and that she would reverse it all if she could.

Suleman's hairdresser reported her dirty living conditions and the state of her 14 children at La Habra police department.

When child protection officers arrived at Suleman's place, the complaint filed by Stephanie, the hairdresser, turned out to be genuine.

Suleman's children reportedly use portable training toilets in the backyard of her La Habra, California house. They are malnourished, the house is filthy and the 36-year-old octomom apparently locks up the children in a room while she attends to her personal things.

But Suleman has a completely different story to tell. The reality television personality, who recently sparked controversy posing semi-nude for the cover page of Closer Magazine, spoke to ABC's Good Morning America, trying to clear her stand.

She said I think maybe me and my kids were set up. We were set up.

Stephanie also claimed that Suleman paid $520 for a haircut when she herself received money from the government for not being able to provide financially for her large family.

The television crew which arrived at Suleman's house for an investigation saw graffiti and holes in the walls.

When asked about Suleman's decision to go for government aid, in spite of swearing in 2010 that she would never ask for it, she said, I have to eat my words. You know what, we're human beings. We're all entitled to change our mind.

The mother of 14 has always said that everything that she did was for the sake of her children, including the semi-nude pictures she posed for.

I've been using the media to pay the bills. Any offer, now, is to take care of my kids, she said.

Now Suleman, apparently, is sick of all the media attention and says she could kill octomom, the name given to her by media, and her public persona.

I hate Octomom. I want to take a sledge hammer and crack her in half. That is some freak that they created in the media. I need it to be done. Done, she said.

After Suleman decided to go for government aid to support her family, she got numerous hate mails and even death threats from angry people who argued that she did not deserve the money after having so many babies by choice. But with all that she has been through after having 14 children, the single parent has sworn to never, never never never never having babies again.

Just four hours after an inspection by the child protection officers, Suleman hired cleaners, who were pictured getting into her house to clean up the mess.

What could be of even more concern is that Suleman, along with her children, is currently facing eviction. Owing to the fact that she failed to pay the mortgage to the bank, her house is said to be put up for sale by the bank.

After an hour-and-a-half's investigation, authorities finally concluded that Suleman's children were not in any kind of danger, but they would be monitored by officials with the California Children's Services Department, Daily Mail reported.

Nadya Suleman rose to worldwide fame in 2009 when she gave birth to eight babies despite already having 6 children. All her children were born through in-vitro fertilization and she underwent fertility treatment to have the octuplets, against doctors' advice.