“Naked and Afraid” Season 3 will premiere on Sunday, June 29, and nothing will make a person happier to be sitting in the comfort of their living room. The Discovery Channel series places two strangers in the wilderness without clothing for 21 days, and with no cash prize, the contestants must simply push on to win the bragging rights of surviving in the wilderness while being "naked and afraid."

In a trailer for the upcoming season, teams comfort and bicker with each other like married couples. But with their personal safety on the line, they'll be forced to trust each other in order to survive 21 days.

The first contestants up for the challenge in the premiere are Luke and Lindsey. Luke, a "mountain man," and Lindsey, a triathete and homeschooling mom, will be put to the test when they are dropped off in Namibia, Africa. "Naked and Afraid" fans can look foward to watching Luke and Lindsey struggle with a lack of food and fire while they attempt to navigate the difficult and thorny landscape.

Contestants on “Naked and Afraid” are each allowed one personal item of their choosing. One personal item could potentially make hunting for food and water or surviving the elements much easier, but it still won’t be a relaxing vacation -- especially with the trailer teasing threats like leopards and poisonous snakes.

“I think being in this water is definitely a risk," a contestant tells the cameras while standing waist-deep in water before falling over. "Probably snakes in here, crocodiles, I’m sure."

Will Luke and Lindsey make it through the premiere? Viewers will have to tune in to Discovery on Sunday, June 29, at 10 p.m. EDT to watch the Season 3 premiere of "Naked and Afraid."