Joe Namath may be the greatest icon in New York Jets history, but since he’s originally from the Pittsburgh area, his family members will be rooting for the Steelers in this Sunday’s AFL Championship games.

Frank Namath, Joe’s brother, told Newsday, that there about 30 Namaths residing in the Pittsburgh region and they are all Steeler fans.

If Joe was playing for the Jets, we'd be bleeding green and rooting for Joe and pulling for the Jets, Frank said. But right now we want the Steelers to win. It's where we live.

Joe grew up in Beaver Falls, a town about 40 miles north of Pittsburgh.

Back here, the mind-set is you root for your local teams, and that's the way you're brought up, Frank added.

If your local high school is in the playoffs, you cheer for them. If they're not in the playoffs, then you cheer for the next local team. Right here, I'll tell you right now, people bleed black and gold. It's a fantastic occasion. I'm still amazed at it all. What overwhelms me is that people get so wrapped up in it. It's great.

The Jets have only been in the Super Bowl once – that was in 1969 when the brash and controversial “Broadway Joe” guaranteed (and subsequently delivered) a victory over the more-heralded Baltimore Colts of Johnny Unitas.