One week after her wardrobe malfunction, Nancy Grace is speaking out about her other controversial moment on Dancing With The Stars - the infamous fart.

After days of speculation, Grace weighed in on the controversy. Confronted at dinner on Thursday night by TMZ, Grace admitted that gas was passed, but said it wasn't her.

If you listen really closely to that clip, she said, it has an Irish accent.

Grace was referring to her DWTS partner Tristan MacManus, a Dublin native.

The rest of the stars, including Kristin Cavallari of The Hills (who was eliminated), Sonny & Cher's child Chaz Bono, talk show host Ricki Lake, singer Chynna Phillips, Queer Eye's Carson Kressley and actor David Arquette were sitting behind with their dance partners at the time the alleged flatulence occurred.

As an ear witness on the scene, I can absolutely exonerate Tristan, myself and Brooke, Grace earlier told TMZ.

However, the rest of the cast - seated just inches away - all remain under grave suspicion. The investigation continues.

Though footage shows her putting her hand on her stomach after the noise is heard, the former prosecutor initially denied that a fart happened at all before throwing her partner under the bus.

She also denied that she had a nipple slip in an earlier episode.

The clip went viral after the DWTS episode aired earlier this week and a fart fetish group has made an offer to ABC to license the rights to the footage, according to TMZ.

In the letter, dated Thursday Oct. 6, the individual states:

After viewing and hearing Nancy Grace's alleged 'toot' after her performance on 'Dancing With The Stars,' our staff here at who have a real nose for news, would like to acquire the rights of the three second footage from ABC.

We wish to acquire this for our members of our Web site who are 'Flatulophiliacs' or simply put, 'Fart Fanatics.' In case you aren't aware, this is a very popular niche online and we know just how many of Nancy's fans would love to relive the moment in the privacy of their own homes via our site.

The statement adds, Passing gas is as natural as breathing, and our members are waiting with baited breath [sic].

It is signed by an individual named Jo Merlone, who claims to be the Marking Director of

It's unclear how much the clip would cost or if it's even for sale.

Here's a look at the controversial three seconds on DWTS: