One company that has been gaining acclaim in their industry, but not on Wall Street, is NanoViricides. An odd series of events is causing confusion in the marketplace.

NanoViricides is a development stage company that is creating special purpose nanomaterials for viral therapy. Based in Connecticut, the young company has gained raved reviews for its HIVCode which could result in a functional cure for HIV/AIDS. Besides the HIVCode, NanoViricides has been making progress in all aspects of their company.

NanoViricides has reported that it is well-financed into the future and its game changing anti-viral and drug programs have continued to develop successfully. Recently, Nano announced that is raised $4.3 million in equity financing which should be sufficient for 18 months or beyond December 2010.

Leading the way at Nano is Dr. Eugene Seymour who serves as their CEO. Dr. Seymour is a renowned name in the industry and is known as a pioneer in HIV/AIDS testing and development and has a stellar reputation for making in-roads to the deadly disease.

While the HIVCide has become the face of NanoViricides, Dr. Seymour was quoted as saying, “We now have four commercially important drugs in our pipeline, and sufficient funds to pursue further development. These drugs address a $40 billion market space.”

Turning back to the HIVCide, Nano believes this drug could result in a “Functional Cure” for HIV/AIDS and may enable a HIV/AIDS patient to lead a completely disease-free life until an episode of hidden virus awakening from latent reservoirs occurs.

Despite all of the state-of-the-art drugs in the pipeline and the success already attained, NanoViricides is only trading in the $0.54 range and may be one of the most undervalued stocks we have seen in a long time.

With leadership such as Seymour in place, continued success in the laboratory and funding to support the next year and a half, NanoVircides may be a stock worth researching thoroughly.