Netflix’s “Narcos” will be back this Friday with an all new Season 2. The Season 1 Finale saw drug kingpin Pablo Escobar escaping his palatial “prison” in order to evade capture from law enforcement officers. Now, the hunt for the notorious criminal is on.

Before getting addicted to Season 2 of the drama series, here are six things you need to know:

1. The Cali Cartel And Los Pepes Are Out For Pablo Escobar’s Blood

Pablo Escobar (Wagner Moura) has made numerous enemies during the height of his international drug smuggling career. Hence, it’s no surprise that they are out for his blood now. In Season 2 of “Narcos,” Pablo will be hunted down not only by the DEA and the Search Bloc, but also the Cali Cartel and Los Pepes – a vigilante group composed entirely of the Columbian criminal’s enemies.

2. Pablo Is More Ruthless Than Ever

The megalomaniac drug lord is ruthless, merciless and brutal on any given day. But Escobar is never more callous than when he is being hunted by authorities. An alliance is formed between the DEA, the Search Bloc, Los Pepes and the Cali Cartel with the sole purpose of putting Pablo behind bars.

Narcos The hunt for Pablo Escobar is on on “Narcos” Season 2. Photo: Juan Pablo Gutierrez/Netflix

3. The Colombian Government Is Fully Supporting His Capture

Season 1 showed the Colombian government supporting his capture but only sometimes. In “Narcos” Season 2, the government will provide any resource that the Search Bloc and its alliances need in order to defeat the Medellín cartel boss.

4. Pablo Dies, But Who Killed Him?

A quick Google search will tell anyone that Pablo Escobar died. He was never put behind bars or hanged. However, there is a mystery surrounding his death. Some allege that the kingpin was shot by an enemy while others claim he shot himself in the ear and committed suicide. The Netflix series will attempt to solve this mystery or at least give one interpretation of what might have gone down in the final moments of his life.

5. Season 2 Ends The Drug Lord’s Story

Escobar won’t be seen in any future seasons of “Narcos.”

6. The Hunt Is On

Last season more or less saw the cartel boss always being one or two steps ahead of the government and DEA. It was almost as if Pablo Escobar was hunting them. But not anymore. Now Escobar will be the one who will be hunted.

All episodes of “Narcos” Season 2 premiere on Netflix on Friday, Sept.2.