“Narcos” is inspired by real life events, but it can’t exactly recreate them. In fact, someone prevented the Netflix drama from recreating Pablo Escobar’s death scene exactly as they want to.

The series follows American DEA agent Steve Murphy (Boyd Holbrook) as he tracks down drug kingpin Pablo Escobar (Wagner Moura). As those familiar with the real story know, Escobar was killed during a shootout with cops on a rooftop in Medellin, Colombia, in 1993. “Narcos” wanted to film Escobar’s death scene on the actual rooftop where he died, but that apparently wasn’t allowed.

The new tenant of the house refused to let the series film there, TMZ reports. The renter turned down the offer “out of respect for the community and owners of the house.” A different home was used to recreate the scene.

Some fans are concerned that Escobar is being killed off already. The show is only in Season 2, but producer Eric Newman previously said the writers are committed to ending his story this year.

“Trust me, if we could find a way to keep him alive and keep Wagner on the show…” Newman told /Film in January. “He will die. The design of the show is we told 15 years of history in Season 1. At the point of Escobar’s escape which is the summer of 1992, Escobar has 18 months to live. That’s not something we can change. To stretch that out beyond another season would be disingenuous of us. That story was always designed to have an ending.”

If “Narcos” Season 3 were to be ordered, it isn’t clear what the show would focus on. Still, audiences have a while before they have to worry about that. A premiere date for Season 2 hasn’t even been revealed yet. “Narcos” is rumored to return in late summer or fall on Netflix.