So far today, the dollar is narrow-trading throughout the currencies market as a lack of data being released from the world's largest economy and as worries are boosting the appeal of the dollar as a refuge on a daily scale, moreover several correctional movements are detected up till now.

As a result, the dollar-euro pair is narrow trading due to technical movements with the Union currency so far trading around 1.4617 recording a high of 1.4719 and a low of 1.4562 with a resistance at 1.4654 and a support at 1.4550, knowing that the pair will continue to trade within a sideway triangle with a strong tendency to dip further to the previously mentioned support levels before starting to incline in attempt tp retest the resistance level at 1.4654, according to the four-hour stochastic oscillator.

As for the pound-dollar pair, it is consolidated as well as the euro-dollar pair with the royal pound so far trading at 1.5865 recording a high of 1.5976 and a low of 1.5768 along with a resistance at 1.5924 and a support at 1.5807, still the pair could plunge according to one-hour momentum indicators to reach the support level at 1.5722.

Now, turning to the dollar-yen pair, it is narrow trading as a result of correctional movements, having in fact the low-yielding yen trading around 89.46 recording a high of 89.68 and a low of 88.21, knowing that a resistance level could be witnessed at 89.62 and a support level could be detected at 89.14.