So far, the major pairs are narrow trading as a result of technical movements and a mixture of sentiments; fears and hopes, spread throughout the currencies market since overall earnings reported from U.S huge corporations, as Apple Inc to Caterpillar and Pfizer, are so far cheerful, while that today's US data concerning the PPI and the housing sector are gloomy.

As a result, the dollar index, which measures the strength of the green Benjamin in front of a basket of currencies, is narrow trading on the four-hour chart at 75.59 recording a high of 75.75 and a low of 75.09.

Consequently, the euro-dollar pair is narrow trading between a resistance level of 1.4977 and a support level at 1.4865 as mixed signs are witnessed within the momentum indicators at different time scales, having the euro trading at 1.4914 recording a high of 1.4995 and a low of 1.4880.

As for pound-dollar pair, it is consolidated as well due to technical movements and mixed sentiments, having the royal pound trading at 1.6346 recording a high of 1.6488 and a low of 1.6328 with a resistance at 1.6444 and a support at 1.6279, knowing that the pair may start to plunge slightly according to the four-hour stochastic oscillator.

Now, turning to the dollar-yen pair, it is narrow trading as well, having so far the low-yielding Japanese yen trading around 90.77 recording a high of 91.06 and a low of 90.06, knowing that a resistance level is witnessed at 91.21 and a support level detected at 90.51.