EV Innovations Inc., designer & engineer of emission-free automotive propulsion systems using the latest lithium battery technology, was proud to announce today that NASA featured their LiVâ„¢ DASH, an all electric version of the Smart Car, in MotorWeek AutoWorld. The coverage also included information on the organization’s practice of environmentally friendly fuel alternatives.

NASA currently uses the company’s LiVâ„¢ DASH, LiVâ„¢ FLASH, an electric version of the Mini Cooper, and the LiVâ„¢ SURGE, a converted PT Cruiser, to serve the needs of various areas within the high security compound. Each vehicle provides different levels of passenger capacity, drive ranges and speeds.

Bruce Chesson, Alternative-Fuel Program manager at Kennedy Space Center, stated, “I believe NASA’s a leader in just about everything at this point, and our goal is to make life better here on earth. A lot of people don’t realize what we do to support just about everything out there. But in the alt-fuel world, I think the government has stepped up to it. I know we have certainly stepped up to go ahead and do our part and we’re going to move forward on everything that we can.”

According to the press release, EV Innovations has worked with NASA for multiple years. EV Innovations plans to continue working with NASA’s leadership in the use of alternative fuels and advancing the awareness of environmental issues that clearly show the need for gaining true energy independence.

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