Nascent Wine Company, Inc. announced this morning that it will begin to do business as Nascent Brands, Inc. In addition to streamlining the company’s operations, Nascent also intends to acquire and build the most profitable and well positioned brands of food and beverage products in Mexico.

The company has already demonstrated success in streamlining their product mix by cutting over 1,500 slow moving items and focusing on the top selling 500 items. Nascent plans to improve margins and profits by leveraging its platform with its own branded and private label products with the goal of accelerating growth.

“As the dominant force within the Mexican foodservice marketplace, we believe by concentrating on our core competencies of food distribution in Mexico, and building equity in our own brands, we will continue to leverage our leadership position and capitalize on many additional opportunities in this market. We believe the increased focus on the strengths of our business model will greatly improve margins with a leaner and more effective organization,” commented Sandro Piancone, CEO.

He added, “We are excited about the long-term prospects of Nascent and look forward to exploiting our position as the leading distributor of imported food and beverage branded products in Mexico.”