“Nashville” Season 3 will continue to use the historic Bluebird Café in upcoming storylines. As we previously suggested, the live performances for the season premiere will take place at the cafe. Plus, it looks like Avery will be interested in another Bluebird waitress this season (though Juliette’s pregnancy might get in the way). We're rounding up spoilers before the Sept. 24 ABC premiere.

The live performances in the Sept. 24 episode will feature Charles Esten and Chris Carmack, according to Entertainment Tonight. Deacon Claybourne will sing “I Know How To Love You Now,” which was written by Deacon’s portrayer Charles Esten and Deana Carter. It seems like a song Deacon could be singing for either Rayna or their daughter Maddie.

Last season ended with Deacon proposing to Rayna while claiming that he finally knew how to be the man for her. But Deacon isn’t just fighting for Rayna anymore. Deacon is going to start fighting with Luke to see his daughter, according to SpoilerTV. He probably wouldn’t be fighting with Luke if Rayna accepted Deacon’s marriage proposal, so it looks like nothing is going Deacon’s way in Season 3.

Carmack’s Will Lexington will play “If It’s Love,” written by The Striking Matches. The duo has already written a handful of songs for the ABC drama, including, “I Ain’t Leaving Without Your Love” and “Hangin’ On A Lie.” It’s not clear yet if the song will relate to Will coming out of the closet to his wife.

The two musicians will play twice that night: once for the east coast and once for the west coast.

Though he won’t be performing live, Avery will still be at the Bluebird Café. Spoiler TV reported that a new waitress will be interested in Juliette’s ex. Avery will supposedly make “a bold move in an effort to move on” from the blonde country star. However, he might not be looking for love at the Bluebird once he finds out that Juliette is pregnant.

“Nashville” will write in Hayden Panettiere’s pregnancy, according to SpoilerTV. She’ll have her first ultrasound and “is shocked when she finds out who the father could be.” (We totally called that baby daddy drama.) Will Avery go running to her side or will he wait to find out if Juliette is carrying Jeff's spawn? 

“Nashville” Season 3 premieres on Wednesday, September 24 at 10 p.m. on ABC. What do you think Avery will do when he discovers Juliette's pregnancy? Take the poll: