“Nashville” Season 3, episode 13 threw some consequences to everyone. Teddy (Eric Close) felt Rayna’s (Connie Britton) wrath after she discovered that he signed their daughter to Edgehill Records. Deacon (Charles Esten) realized that assuming the worst might not be the best option, and Jeff (Oliver Hudson) finally saw ramifications for all of his mistakes. 

Episode 13 started when Rayna received a diamond necklace for Maddie (Lennon Stella). She was livid when she discovered it was from Jeff and the card said, “Welcome to Edgehill Records.” She confronted Jeff and was shocked to see that Teddy signed the recording contract. After Jeff shoved the contract in her face, he had her kicked out.

When Rayna stormed into Teddy’s office, her ex-husband claimed he was helping Maddie pursue her dreams. He said he had a right to make major decisions and blamed Rayna for being away on tour so much.

Lawyers told Rayna that it would take weeks to get in court and Maddie would have to fulfill her contract until then. So Rayna decided that she would file papers to strip Teddy of his parental rights since Deacon was Maddie’s biological father anyway. Teddy admitted that he had been forced to sign the contract, and he revealed his affair with the prostitute.

Rayna’s other ex was having a much better week. Luke (Will Chase) decided to pull “Good Woman,” a song about Rayna, from his album. He headed over to Gunnar’s (Sam Palladio) to write a much angrier song. After a writing session, the boys went to the bars with Will (Chris Carmack). Though his marriage to Layla (Aubrey Peeples) was over, he was the only man that didn’t bring a girl home. “I’m just not into hooking up with random women anymore,” Will claimed.

Luke claimed that he understood Will’s sensitivity (though he clearly doesn’t suspect that Will is gay). He and Gunnar headed back into the studio and wrote a much sadder, more heartfelt song. They realized it would be a much better addition than the hateful tune they wrote the night before.

Deacon wasn’t really in a party mood either. He wanted to know his life expectancy, but his doctor (Nick Jandl) refused to make an estimate. After some online research, he realized he may only have a few months to live without a liver transplant. He was still angry and avoiding his family. His daughter Maddie, unaware of her new recording contract, called him and asked to start up their guitar lessons again. After hearing how upset she was, Deacon knew he couldn’t avoid her anymore.

Deacon made a will and told Scarlett (Clare Bowen) what she would get and what Maddie would be left. That’s when Deacon realized how much denial his niece was in. She told him he didn’t need it if he was on the transplant list, but Deacon knew that it was necessary.

Scarlett went to Deacon’s doctor to ask him to tell Deacon that he had more time to live. The doctor couldn’t do that. He told her to “hope for the best, prepare for the worst.” He was a little more friendly than a doctor should be, and Scarlett brought coffee to him the next day. It looks like the beginning of a possible romance.

When Maddie came over, Deacon kept his cancer a secret. He tried to make excuses about future plans, and he even offered to find her a new guitar teacher. After hearing her sing, Deacon said he wouldn’t go on tour or leave her this summer. “Maybe I changed my mind. Maybe I’m sticking around,” Deacon said.

He started drinking the supplements Scarlett bought him. Much to his niece's delight, he was much more positive and finally seemed like he wanted to survive. 

Meanwhile, Avery (Jonathan Jackson) was producing Sadie’s (Laura Benanti) album. Bucky (David Alford) was worried that Avery was spending too much time and money on Sadie’s album because he was inexperienced. However, Sadie had bigger issues. She was served with legal papers at the recording studio.

Avery found her crying on the floor. She told him about her abusive past with Pete, and she explained that her ex was suing her for past and future royalties. After she revealed that Pete was sitting outside in his truck, Avery tried to confront him. They were ready to fight, but Sadie came out and broke it up by pointing out the security cameras.

Sadie was finally ready to sing her song. When Bucky came back, he wasn’t thrilled about how long they’d been putting off recording, but he couldn’t be angry once he heard the song.

Layla also came home from the hospital this week after her suicide attempt. Jeff went to her house and asked her to play for some major executives. Layla had planned to leave Nashville. She expected Edgehill to drop her, but Jeff wanted to get her album started with the music she wrote. While it seemed like a dream come true, Layla worried that Jeff just felt guilty. He assured her that he was only there for her talent. “It’s about a girl with a great voice and something to say,” he said.

Jeff’s big meeting didn’t go so well. He wanted to sell Maddie to the executives first. When Jeff called Maddie in, Rayna showed up. She sat down at the head of table and said, “I think we’re going to be here for a little while.” She revealed that Jeff blackmailed Teddy to sign Maddie, and Layla, an underage artist, was found unconscious in Jeff’s pool recently. That wasn’t exactly professional behavior, and it convinced the executives that Maddie shouldn’t be on the label.

“As far as I’m concerned, Ms. Jaymes, this contract never even existed,” the executive told her.

Rayna was still angry that Teddy did such a thing to their daughter. Rayna decided that she wanted the kids to live with her permanently for the foreseeable future.

Unfortunately, Rayna’s interruption also messed up Layla’s meeting. Layla was angry that Jeff bailed without saying anything to her. Jeff showed up at her house and explained that her meeting was canceled because he got fired. He was no longer the CEO of Edgehill Records. 

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