Deacon (Charles Esten) and Rayna (Connie Britton) made it to the altar, but happily ever after isn’t here yet. “Nashville” Season 4 will continue to bring the drama in episode 12. Now that the wedding is over, expect a few other characters to get some screen time, including Rayna’s ex Luke (Will Chase). The synopsis reveals that Luke will be searching for a new touring partner.

After Juliette’s (Hayden Panettiere) departure, Luke needs someone else to perform with him on tour. “A familiar face is back on the Nashville music scene when Luke recruits his old friend Riff Bell [Steve Kazee] to join him on tour,” the synopsis teases. However, it’ll be a little complicated. Deadline reports that Riff is a former superstar who quit the music business after falling in love. He has become a father and a farmer in his time away, and Luke will have to convince him to get back on stage.

The episode is titled “How Does It Feel To Be Free,” and that might be a reference to Riff’s exit from the industry. Will Luke be enticed to do the same? After hitting so many bumps in the road while launching his brand, it wouldn’t be entirely surprising if the superstar at least considered joining his son Colt (Keean Johnson) on the farm.

Elsewhere in Nashville, Deacon needs a new act to perform at The Beverly. “Newcomer Vita [Jeananne Goosen] arrives at The Beverly, but while she convinces Deacon and Rayna she deserves a shot, Frankie has his doubts,” the synopsis says. Unfortunately, he might not explain why he doesn’t like the new singer. “In the end, more questions than answers remain,” the summary says.

Keeping a business afloat won’t be the only challenge for the trouble. Though they’re newlyweds, Britton has already revealed that the couple will face some problems right away. “Happiness and contentment does not last long for Rayna and Deacon. That’s all I have to say,” Britton told TVLine.

Watch the trailer for the second half of “Nashville” Season 4 below:

Elsewhere in this episode, it looks like Avery (Jonathan Jackson) will be working with Layla (Aubrey Peeples). The distressed songstress requested him as her producer after discovering that Jeff (Oliver Hudson) died while saving Juliette. However, her motives are still unclear.

“Nashville” Season 4, episode 12 airs Wednesday, March 23, at 10 p.m. EDT on ABC.

Avery and Layla Avery (Jonathan Jackson) will start to work with Layla (Aubrey Peeples) in "Nashville" Season 4, episode 12. Photo: ABC Avery Avery (Jonathan Jackson) will be back in the studio in "Nashville" Season 4, episode 12. Photo: ABC Luke and Riff Riff (Steve Kazee, left) will get an offer to go on tour with Luke (Will Chase) in "Nashville" Season 4, episode 12. Photo: ABC Nashville 412 synopsis Riff (Steve Kazee) shares a kiss with his wife Heidi (Julia Barnett) while Luke (Will Chase) visits in "Nashville" Season 4, episode 12. Photo: ABC