ABC’s “Nashville” season finale Wednesday night was a major jaw-dropper -- despite some predictability. The freshman series ended its first year with a pregnancy, a proposal, an alcoholic falling off the wagon, a potentially deadly car accident and some pretty serious cliffhangers.

Jolene’s Sacrifice

Juliette spent the episode mourning the death of her mother, who appeared to die in either a murder-suicide lovers' quarrel or a drug deal gone bad. But while the singer blames her mom for abandoning her and has a serious meltdown backstage at the CMAs, Juliette finally gets closure at the end. The cops investigating her mother's death bring her a damaged SD card that was shoved down the garbage disposal – the same SD card that held Juliette’s sex tape. Juliette denies knowing what’s on the card, and after the police leave learns that her mother sent her a letter before her death. The letter explains that she wanted Juliette to live scandal free so she took the bullet.

The Proposal

Gunnar has been staying at Will’s since his fight with Scarlett. He confesses to not stealing his dead brother’s songs and learns that his manager doesn’t care. Showing up to Scarlett’s door with flowers, he tries to mend their relationship, but Scarlett blows him off and heads to Avery’s show, where she joins him on stage for a song. The episode ends with Gunnar proposing to Scarlett … but “Nashville” viewers have yet to learn her answer.

Pregnancy News

Teddy is in a bit of trouble after learning that the U.S. Attorney’s Office is investigating the Cumberland deal. He meets Peggy, who tells him that she knows that they are investigating him because they offered her immunity. A shocked Teddy asks her what she told him, and Peggy tells him nothing … because she’s pregnant.

Will’s Secret

Although the episode saw Gunnar walk in on Will in bed with a woman, Will was seen making some serious looks at a mysterious man at a bar. The man seemed to be approaching Will, but Will sneakily shook his head, sending the man away.

Daddy Troubles

Rayna tells her daughters that she’s dating Deacon, and her oldest, Maddie, acts pretty strange about the news. Maddie found some paternity tests and realizes that her father is not Teddy, but more than likely Deacon. She shows up to Deacon’s house upset, throwing him into a bender.

Deacon bails on Rayna for the CMAs and shows up just in time to perform on stage for her duet with Brad Paisley. After the song, Deacon confronts Rayna about being Maddie’s father and she confirms that he is. He's upset that she did not tell him for 13 years, but Rayna argues that he wasn’t in the right state of mind after failing to keep sober over that time. And it turns out that she was right, because after learning he is Maddie’s father Deacon heads to the bar, where he knocks back a couple to the point passing out and fighting Teddy.

Coleman learns of Deacon falling off the wagon and heads to his house, where Deacon once again gets into a fight. When he finally sobers up he agrees to go to a meeting with his sponsor, but when Coleman leaves Deacon takes some pills and washes them down with liquor. Instead of heading to the meeting, Deacon goes to Juliette’s memorial service for Jolene. Stepping, inside he immediately spots Rayna and makes a beeline for the door. He’s not quick enough, though, and Rayna confronts him outside, realizing that he’s been drinking again. Managing to take the keys out of his hands, Rayna gets behind the wheel as they proceed to argue on their way home. Distracted by Deacon, Rayna gets into a gruesome car accident, causing their vehicle to flip over numerous times before finally settling in a ditch.

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