The Portland Trailblazers have fired head coach Nate McMillan according to multiple reports, meaning an NBA coach is out of a job for the second time in two days.

Yesterday Knicks head man Mike D'Antoni left of his own volition, but today McMillan was bounced after accumulating a 20-23 record.

McMillan's firing comes a day after ESPN's Chris Broussard reported that Raymond Felton and Jamal Crawford were organizing a mutiny against McMillan after he took issue with their performance in a video session.

Either the Blazers find a new home for Raymond Felton and Jamal Crawford (who have quietly orchestrated a mutiny ever since Nate McMillan chewed them out in a video session a while back) or they'll probably have to let Nate go. If I'm a Blazer fan ... I'd rather lose Felton and Crawford. They won't get a lot for either guy, but there is such a thing as addition by subtraction, Broussard said in his chat on Wednesday.

It seems as though Blazers owner Paul Allen decided to side with his players and let McMillan go.

McMillan was 266-269 in his six and a half season as the head coach in Portland and could never seem to get them over the hump. Despite 50 win seasons in 2008 and 2009 he never managed to win a playoff series while coach of the Blazers.