Between “Firefly” and “Castle,” Nathan Fillion is probably used to dealing with some feisty feedback from fans about his beloved characters. However, on Wednesday, the actor was grilled by late night host Jimmy Kimmel. Fillion appeared “Jimmy Kimmel Live” to promote Season 8 of ABC’s “Castle,” in which he plays the titular crime fighting novelist, and the host pressed the star on his on-screen relationship problems.

In Season 8 of “Castle,” Fillion’s fictional wife, Beckett (Stana Katic), asked for some space to sort out some things in her own life – namely solving her mother’s murder and breaking up a dangerous drug ring. The news came as a shock to loyal viewers who only just got to see the couple tie the knot in Season 7 after years of “will they or won’t they” drama. Kimmel said robbing fans of the relationship so soon seems like a low blow.

“It seems weird and almost abusive,” Kimmel joked. “How do your fans react to it? They don’t like it, right?”

Fillion responded by mimicking his fans’ most common reaction – “What!”

“They actually videotape themselves watching and put it on YouTube so you can actually go watch their reaction to the show,” Fillion continued. “It’s kind of cool.”

Later, Kimmel playfully accused the show’s twist of being traumatic for fans.

“You would think it would drum up all sorts of negative emotions based on when you were a kid and your parents split up, in a way,” Kimmel said.

“No,” responded a sarcastic Fillion, with a wink to the crowd. “Not at all.”

Eventually, Kimmel moved on to discuss a few other topics with Fillion, including his recent trip to the dentist. Watch a clip from the interview below:

In the meantime, the separation continues on “Castle.” Will Castle and Beckett get back together? Fans will have to tune in to find out. The ABC series airs Mondays at 10 p.m. EDT.

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