As National Automation Services enters the new year, it also enters what is expected to be the most dynamic period in the company’s history. After finally completing the lengthy and resource-consuming process of becoming a fully reporting company, NAS is now able to actively pursue its strategy of expansion, becoming a nationwide presence in the automation and control systems industry.

Ultimately responsible for the successful execution of this charge is National’s 5-member board of directors:

• Robert Chance (Chairman and CEO) – Mr. Chance took over the reigns of NAS upon the reverse merger with ISS in October of 2007. He’s had direct management experience in four Fortune 100 companies in the automation and controls industry (Siemans, Johnson Controls, Honeywell IAC, and Fisher Controls International) and also spent 2 years as the COO of Nytrox Systems which engaged in the manufacturing of ozone generating equipment.

• Jeremy Briggs (Principal Financial Officer and Director) – Mr. Briggs, with NAS since July of 2008, is responsible for overall accounting policies and functions. He has accounting experience with both public and private companies, and holds a Masters of Accounting and Financial Management.

• Jody Hanley (Director) – Mr. Hanley has served as an NAS director since the reverse merger with ISS in October of 2007. He was the co-founder and President of ISS, and has extensive management experience, including Fortune 50 experience with Merck Medco.

• Manuel Ruiz (NAS Secretary and Director) – Director and Secretary of NAS since the reverse merger with ISS in October of 2007, where he was co-founder and Director of Engineering, Mr. Ruiz has over two decades of experience in process control and related engineering, including work with Honeywell.

• Robert O’Conner (Director) – Currently the owner of O’Connor Mortgage and Investment Company, which he established in 1981, Mr. O’Conner has substantial business financing experience, and is an investor in early stage companies.

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