These uncertain days, when entire industries face collapse, National Automation Services Inc. enjoys the security of one of the most varied of all customer lists. From municipal water control, to consumer foods, airlines, retailing, large and small manufacturing, mining, hotels, and more, there are few industries that don’t need something that NAS offers.

The NAS customer list includes Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola, Safeway, Watson Pharmaceuticals, Motorola Semiconductor, Weyerhauser, Mirage Hotel & Casino, Alaska Marine Highway System, Better Built Aluminum, Chevron, a wide range of municipal water districts, and many more. Below is a very small sample describing in more detail some of the recent projects NAS has been involved with in its ongoing mission to be the nation’s premier provider and integrator of automation and control systems.

• Southwest Airlines – NAS supports Las Vegas McCarran International Airport by maintaining the baggage handling systems. These systems are extensive and utilize dozens of PLC Controllers. The NAS scan array process examines and automates the sorting of baggage, integrating with critical bomb detection systems. (NAS was recently asked by top management within Southwest Airlines to support all Southwest Airlines operations throughout the western U.S., including operations in California, Arizona, Utah, Oregon, Washington, New Mexico, and Texas.)
• Western Mining & Minerals – NAS supports all of the automation and controls for the company’s St. George operations, including emergency and scheduled services of PLC (programmable logic controllers), SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition systems), and instrumentation at the plant.
• Honeywell Security Division – NAS manufactured a variety of specialized panels able to withstand extreme conditions, as part of Honeywell’s station security provided at remote locations of the Alaska pipeline.
• City Of Phoenix – NAS designed custom RTUs (Remote Terminal Units) using spread spectrum radio communication to deliver and meter reclaimed water to city parks and golf courses.

It’s a customer list that continues to expand, based largely upon excellent word-of-mouth recommendation, and a growing positive reputation in the controls industry.

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