Mesquite, a fast growing Nevada community 80 miles northeast of Las Vegas, is quickly becoming a major resort destination, largely due to its close proximity to both the Arizona and Utah borders, and the fact that it’s just off of Interstate 15. As well as being packed with resorts, casinos, hotels, spas, and golf courses, Mesquite offers an easy drive to Lake Meade and Las Vegas, as well as to Zion National Park in Utah.

At one time, however, the area’s popularity looked like it could have been its undoing. In less than 10 years, the city nearly doubled in population, putting stress on area infrastructure. The Virgin Valley Water District, serving the water processing needs of both Mesquite and the nearby Bunkerville area, realized they needed to grow significantly but responsibly, keeping in line with strict government water quality regulations. They called upon National Automation Services to work with them on an ambitious plan to connect 5 separate arsenic removal plant sites using advanced telemetry links.

NAS engineered a sophisticated SCADA system for computerized and centralized process monitoring and control, with an easy to use graphical user interface. The system has proven to be both cost effective and dependable, offering a highly maintainable operation. Downtime and labor requirements have been minimized, saving the district both time and money, and ensuring the growing community a safe and secure supply of water.

It’s the kind of project that NAS has become famous for in the Southwest, but the optimization of municipal water processing is only a small part of what the company does. NAS has worked with some of the biggest companies in the country, automating process monitoring and control operations in a wide range of industries, including automotive, chemical, electronics, food and beverage, manufacturing, mining and minerals, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, power and utilities, transportation, and more.

And now the company is set to expand nationally, with an aggressive plan to acquire carefully targeted regional players in the process automation industry.

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