National Automation Services Inc., unlike many companies, has a remarkably specific plan for growth over the coming 1-2 years, a strategy that they have already implemented, and which is already benefitting their bottom line.

NAS is considered a leader in advanced automation and control systems integration, developing and implementing sophisticated automated solutions for things like water and wastewater treatment, mining, pharmaceutical production, electric utilities, bottling, baggage handling, and semiconductor processing. Its installed customer base includes some of the biggest names in industry, such as Honeywell, Motorola, Chevron, and Coca-Cola.

Based in Nevada, NAS is best known in the West, but the company has forged a strategy for growing both in the scope of their industry base and geographically. It is a practical plan, based upon a real need in the automation and control services industry. Today there are roughly 300 local and regional players in automation and control services, and NAS plans to acquire and integrate the strongest such companies into a single nationwide organization that can benefit from certain centralized operations, while continuing to encourage the strengths inherent in more localized operations.

Combining support functions (such as accounting, estimating, purchasing, payroll, and marketing) into one operation allows each of the subsidiaries to focus on their core business. The cornerstone of the plan is good market analysis and having a robust post-acquisition integration plan. The goal is to realize significant economies of scale, and associated long-term growth and success. NAS has already used the approach to make successful acquisitions, and is now looking nationwide. Annual revenues have continued to grow over the past three years, and the company has received national attention. Positive results have given NAS every reason to continue with their current strategy.

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