National Automation Services Inc. has established itself as a leader in process controls and systems integration, developing strong working relationships with Siemens, Allen-Bradley, and Underwriter Laboratories. By aligning itself with nationally recognized regulatory bodies, National has generated unsurpassed marketplace credibility and product compliance integrity. As such, the company is viewed as meeting the highest standards in industrial performance.

From a more detailed technical perspective, National’s corporate resume covers all of the right keywords and project experience, focusing primarily on water/wastewater processing, substation automation, motion control, chemical delivery systems, and semiconductor and pharmaceutical production.

• SCADA (Software Control And Data Acquisition), both standalone and networked – Iconics, iFix, Lookout, RSView, Wonderware
• Programming/Software – Visual Basic, C/C++, Assembly, Structured Text, Instruction List, Ladder Diagram, Function Block Diagram, Sequential Function Chart (Grafcet) and Flowchart, in addition to Unix, Linux, Dos, and all Windows operating systems.
• CAD – AutoCAD 14, AutoCAD through 2009 and Actrix drawing capabilities
• Panel Fabrication – NAS panel shops are capable of standard, UL-508, and UL-845 for MCC fabrication
• Communications – Integration across fiber, wire, and radio mediums, and familiar with many protocols, including Ethernet IP, PFI, Modbus and Modbus TCP, Profibus, DeviceNET, and DH+
• Radio Telemetry Studies – Comprehensive surveying to assure operational standards for paths, elevations, and frequencies for all network sites
• Contract Manufacturing/Assembly – Capable of manufacturing fully designed electrical control panels, and aiding in the design of a variety of panels, including security, HVAC, and explosion proof (C1D1)
• Control Troubleshooting – Process hardware, software, and communications troubleshooting, including automation field servicing, from SCADA and PLC, down to the calibration of field devices
• Project Management – Experienced control systems project management for both large and small corporations
• Training – Able to provide in-depth training in Modicon and Allen-Bradley, Intellution and RSView, Communications, and Control Design, including custom designed classes

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