National Automation Services, Inc. is a holding company headquartered in Henderson, Nevada and renowned as a systems integrator in the industrial controls marketplace (i.e., a producer of electrical control systems from design to implementation) which is squarely focused on a unique growth-by-acquisition strategy developed along guidelines which ensure success by meeting the Company’s optimum goal of having six, high-caliber regional leaders in its portfolio by the end of this year.

Pursuant to this agenda, NASV is rigorously vetting a multiplicity of potential opportunities, including strategic businesses, services or technologies which will allow the company to seize efficiency optimizations and fully exploit the leveraging potential of existing assets, cash flows and the Company’s core competencies.

The outstanding reputation NASV has developed, deploying intelligent solutions into a broad array of market sectors – including virtually all kinds of production or processes from food manufacturing to airport security and power plants – enables the Company to enjoy easy access to domestic expansion, as the Company moves to become a major national player, consolidating the stratified and largely fragmented automation systems and control market.

This move could spell huge rewards as NASV is well-positioned to dominate within the sector via skillful employment of its comprehensive, market analysis-driven acquisition strategy, which emphasizes the deliberate and concerted outlay of resources toward research and the satisfaction of due diligence, always with a mind to quantifying potential synergistic efficiency improvements and an overall post-acquisition strategy.

This continuous acquisition strategy, which utilizes a support function web distributed from NASV corporate HQ, allows for a flexible yet dynamic profile – subsidiaries are free to focus on their core operations, while tasks such as accounting, purchasing, payroll, estimating and marketing are handled centrally – maximizing growth potential while ensuring strict compliance controls, which translates into increased ROI for the Company’s shareholders (savings of roughly 5-15% of EBITDA).

Additionally, NASV is always actively ferreting out chances to increase monetization of services and expand its library of business and technical solutions, as well as identify and put into place operational efficiency improvements and streamline the overall business model – an attitude that helps tremendously to free up resources and time which can be focused on growing through acquisitions from the Company’s current position as a leading UL Certified Panel Facility and systems integrator to a “provider of choice” status.

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