National Automation Services, Inc., a systems integrator within the industrial controls market that specializes in engineering customer-tailored electrical control systems, with a vision of becoming the automation and control system industry leader via a skillful execution of the company’s internal growth, partnering, and acquisition strategies, has shown projected annual revenue growth of $395,000, or 12.7%, (period ending 31-Dec-09) over the same period in 08.

The Henderson, Nevada-based NASV is a holding company which has successfully acquired local business Intuitive System Solutions, Inc., as well as the Phoenix, Arizona-based Intecon Controls, Inc., and is currently operating in the AZ, Southern California, and Southern Nevada regions.

The Company’s bold acquisition strategy projects the successful acquisition of four more automation and control companies of regional-leader caliber by the end of 2010, thus expanding NASV’s overall footprint in the systems integration market as a UL Certified Panel Facility and “provider of choice” for a broader array of clients.

In addition to a short-term strategy of intelligent yet aggressive acquisition, NASV is also focused on building its business through a maturation of core competencies, and seeks to expand its customer base, optimize the business model, increase service monetization, and identify/implement improvements to operations.

The fundamental key to the success of NASV’s leveraging of assets to acquire new complimentary business, services and technologies is diligent market analysis. Prior to developing any new element identified as part of the Company’s acquisition strategy, exhaustive effort is put into developing a post-acquisition integration plan which quantifies possible synergies and satisfies a cost-benefit analysis.

A recent $440,000 City of Glendale contract for the Oasis Water Campus Central Control Station project, awarded in October of 09, followed on the heels of NASV being exhibited at the 82nd Annual Water Environment Federation Technical Exhibition and Conference, a major industry event, and added confirmation to the glowing industry reception for the Company and its offerings.

With applications in all kinds of production and processes, from airport security systems to solar and other energy plants, food and beverage production facilities, mining operations, waste/water treatment plants, and even chemical, plastics and pharmaceutical production, NASV’s expertise and practical ability to nurture a product from the design-phase whiteboard to manufacturing on the production floor is needed by virtually industry, directly or indirectly, regardless of economic conditions.

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