National Automation Services Inc., rapidly solidifying its position as a national leader in advanced automation and control systems solutions, is using its growing portfolio of experience and project success to expand its industrial presence. The company’s industrial list continues to grow, with most clients currently in the following industries: water/wastewater, substation automation, motion control, delivery systems, semiconductor, and pharmaceutical industries.

The focus and depth of National’s PLC and SCADA programming experience is significant, including both stand-alone and networked SCADA systems. The company has many sites with remote access and dial-out options, such as Web Pages, Software Alarm Dialers, and PC Anywhere for timely support.

Below are just some of National’s areas of industrial experience:

• Water and Wastewater Treatment
• Mining
• Pharmaceutical
• Electric Utility
• Semiconductor Processing

Customers include Honeywell, TRW, Phelps Dodge, Palo Verde Nuclear Power Plant, Summit Electric Supply, Chevron, Air Science Engineering, Coca-Cola Bottling, Motorola, Watson Pharmaceuticals, and many municipalities.

Areas of activity include the following:

• Motion Control
• Discrete Parts Manufacturing
• Control Systems Integration
• Instrumentation Installation
• Control Panel Design and Fabrication
• Radio Telemetry Studies
• Automation Design Consultation
• Network Design
• Project Management
• Training

National Automation Services is based in Nevada, with subsidiaries in Nevada and Arizona producing, installing, and servicing specialized mechanical and electronic automation systems, built to operate and control machinery and processes with a minimum of human intervention. Although they continue to be a major presence throughout the Southwest, they are growing geographically as well as in industries. There are approximately 300 local and regional players in automation/control services, and National plans to acquire and integrate the strongest such companies into a single organization, which can benefit from certain centralized operations, while keeping the strengths inherent in more localized operations.

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