Unlike far too many companies, National Automation Services has taken the initiative to establish in writing a code of conduct well beyond the typical employee handbook “don’t steal paperclips” rules and restrictions. It recognizes and deals up front with many of the foundational weaknesses that seem to have colored corporate America in recent decades, as well as focusing as much on executives as it does on staff. Evidence of its intent is made clear by Mark Twain’s famous quotation displayed at the very top: “Always do right – this will gratify some, and astonish the rest.”

Take a look at some of the issues specifically addressed:

• Problem Reporting & Resolution – If you have knowledge of any activity that is or might be a violation of the company’s standards of business conduct, you must report that activity promptly to your supervisor or management. Harassment of, or retaliation against, an employee for making a disclosure is prohibited by company policy. Reports to their Human Resource manager may be made anonymously.

• Conflict Of Interest – All employees must conduct themselves with the highest standards of integrity, honesty, and fairness to avoid any conflict between their personal interests and the interests of the company. National Automation has an obligation to its customers, suppliers and shareowners to ensure that business decisions are based on quality, price, delivery, and supplier experience and reputation. Business decisions must not be influenced by personal considerations or interests.

• Gifts & Gratuities – National Automation and its employees and supporting representatives must conduct business with all our customers, subcontractors, suppliers, distributors and others on the basis of service, quality, performance and price without giving or accepting anything of value that could influence or appear to influence the outcome of a transaction.

• Accurate Books & Records – No false, misleading or artificial entries may be made in the books and records of the company. Records and books must be maintained in accordance with good accounting practice and all laws and regulations, and adhere to all GAAP and SEC rules and regulations. All costs must be accurately and completely recorded in an auditable manner. National Automation Services has a responsibility to shareholders, employees, customers and suppliers, and the communities where we live and work.

• Insider Trading – “Inside information” is information that is not available to the public and is “material”. “Material information” is information that a reasonable investor would likely consider important in deciding whether to purchase or sell our stock. It is National Automation policy and good business to obey the laws of every country where we do business. And it’s not fair to trade using internal information not known to other investors.

• Respect For Others – National Automation will not tolerate discrimination, harassment, or physical or verbal threats, all of which deny employees the opportunity to contribute to the best of their abilities and deprive the company of their full talents. Integrating the unique attributes and talents of a diverse workforce allows for greater flexibility and creativity in the workplace and in the community.

It’s true that words are cheap. But it’s also clear that the above words, created and made public by NAS, show an understanding and appreciation of business ethics that, if applied by every company, would have gone a long way toward preventing some of America’s highest profile business scandals. And, as recent history has shown, that’s anything but cheap.

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