National Automation Services Inc. was recently featured on Greg Gumble’s Eye On America, with spots being broadcast throughout the country at various times on CNN Headline News Comcast Cable. The presentation gave viewers a good idea of the importance and future of the automation industry, and the increasingly important role being played by NAS.

The automation industry generates about $400 billion annually, and now touches just about every aspect of modern human life. Almost everything that is manufactured has an automation component somewhere along the line, including everything that makes up your home, business and transportation.

But automation goes far beyond manufacturing. The ATM where you get your money requires a sophisticated automation system to ensure accuracy and a positive customer experience. Power plants of every type depend almost completely upon state-of-the-art automation to manage the nearly countless high-speed variables involved in keeping the country energized. Water processing, including the increasingly important job of wastewater treatment, uses automation at almost every stage to implement and monitor operations, and to notify plant personnel if something requires attention. When you check in at the airport, you essentially put your trust in an automated system to ensure your luggage goes on the same trip you do. Even when you enjoy a ride at a modern amusement park, it is controlled by automation.

Such complex systems almost always involve a multiplicity of sub-systems and components, and these individual elements have to be designed and integrated to work flawlessly together as a unified operation. That, of course, is exactly where NAS has gained its reputation. To be good at the design and integration of such complex systems, for so many different applications, you need to know a lot. When it comes to automation systems integration, NAS is known as much for its dedication and quality as for the breadth of technology and experience that it has at its disposal.

However, the systems integration industry today is considerably fragmented, with about 300 companies operating in the U.S. Most of these companies operate locally or regionally, with only a handful that are respected on a national level. NAS intends on continuing its growth through careful acquisition. It wants to become the go-to company for virtually every automation systems integration need that is out there. Based upon its impressive and growing customer list, there’s ample reason to believe that’s exactly what’s going to happen.

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