The strength of National Automation Services Inc., nationally known provider of industrial controls and automation solutions, rests largely in the scope of its technical capabilities. The company specializes in custom controls, industrial automation, and systems integration, covering a remarkably diverse range of industries and applications. The technical services they provide are equally diverse, including:

• Scada and PLC Programming
• Radio Telemetry Studies
• Project Management
• Engineering and Design
• AutoCAD
• Field Service & Training
• Custom Panel Fabrication
• UL-508 & UL-698 Certified

They can do this because of the breadth of human and technical resources they have at their disposal.

• Certified Modicon Programmable Logic Controller Instructors
• Automation Application Engineers
• Danfoss Motion Specialist
• Allen-Bradley Systems Engineer
• Process Sales Engineer
• Automation Managers
• Siemens Solution Provider
• General Electric Fanuc

As a result, their industrial base has expanded in scope, and now encompasses almost every major industry, including automotive, chemical, electronics, food and beverage, metals, mining, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, transportation, water and wastewater processing, and many more. Their customer list contains Coca-Cola, Chevron, Motorola, Honeywell, Southwest Airlines, TRW, and a host of other large and small commercial and governmental organizations.

And now the company has made clear its intention to gradually acquire the best regional players in the controls field, centralizing administrative functions to increase operational efficiencies while allowing members to maintain a regional focus. The goal is a cost effective and flexible nationwide network that can better address the increasing demand for sophisticated control solutions. National Automation has laid out a very specific set of numerical targets they feel they can make.

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