National Automation Services Inc., like all companies, is valued and differentiated based upon three things: it’s people, it’s management structure, and its proprietary products/services. Of these three, the most important factor is the people, since they can drive the other two. In the case of National Automation, a small but respected control systems integration company, a relative handful of key players has been the core of their strong reputation in the controls industry.

• Carlos Carrillo, PE – System Engineer / Project Manager – 25 years of engineering experience in the field of automation technology, including engineering and project management. He has an in-depth knowledge of PLCs (programmable logic controllers), SCADAs (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition systems, essentially computerized systems for process monitoring/control), and RTUs (remote terminal units).
• Octavio Capilla – Instrument Technician – 25 years of instrumentation design, implementation, and installation, including control panel design and fabrication, AutoCAD design, control circuit and motor control design, PLC troubleshooting, and field device installation and troubleshooting.
• Brandon Spiker – Principal Engineer / Director of Operations – 16 years of experience in controls engineering, including qualification as a Certified Modicon Instructor and Intellution Trained Integrator, with exceptional program and debugging skills in Modicon, Intellution, and communications.
• Tom Shortland – Senior Controls Engineer – 25 years of experience in controls engineering, including PLC programming, and the design, installation, troubleshooting, and integration of automated systems, test equipment, and assembly equipment, with extensive electromechanical, electronic, hydraulic, and pneumatic control experience.
• Trent Gillespie – Senior Controls Engineer – 22 years of experience, including project management, maintenance, repair, instrumentation field calibration, loop verification, and associated PLC, SCADA, and radio systems, for both military and civilian projects.
• Toni McGuinness – Shop Manager – 17 years of experience, including project management, maintenance, repair, precision calibration, and operational testing of computer controlled electronic and pneumatic systems, AC/DC power supplies, process analyzers, AC/DC drives and servo-motor systems, for both military and civilian projects.
• James Jesse – Controls & Sales Engineer – 15 years of experience, including the design and implementation and support of automation and control systems, responsible for determining and fulfilling customer needs.
• Manuel Ruiz – Engineering Manager / Controls Engineer – 14 years of controls engineering experience, with excellent programming and debugging skills in Allen-Bradley, RSView, and communications.
• Jody Hanley – Director / Project Manager – 24 years of industrial supervisory experience, plus extensive experience in troubleshooting, modifying and improving machinery and systems.
• Terry Hall – Construction Superintendent – 30 years of experience relating to the development, layout, installation, and maintenance of industrial operations.
• Scott Cramer – Senior Estimator – 20 years of experience, with extensive experience in the estimation of materials and labor pricing for various projects.

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