One company that is starting to grab the attention of investors is the National Energy Services Company. With their focus on alternative energy and methods of production which include waste to energy, farming of green algae, and bio-mass and bio-fuel production, National Energy has proven to be not only a friend to the marketplace but also to the environment. Today, National Energy took a major step towards enhancing their future with the announcement they have named David LaFarve president of their company.

LaFarve is a respected name in the industry and has honed his experience in the green space for over five years. Since 2005, LaFarve has had a successful career as President of Green Stone Holdings which is a renowned private investment holdings company that primarily invests in small cap stocks.

One of the keys to recent success at National Energy is their construction management services pre and post completion of their alternative energy production models. LaFarve brings a great deal of expertise in this area and is one of the reasons he is such a viable candidate to lead National Energy into the future.

In a statement released by the company, National Energy was quoted as saying, “David brings the knowledge of building construction, affordable housing techniques, energy efficient mechanical and building systems and building renovation with renewable energy systems. He has operated LaFarve Contractors, Inc. for 20 years where he honed skills in the building trades in various construction types.”

When asked what this move will mean to his future and that of National Energy, LaFarve was quoted as saying, “This is a great opportunity and with my many years’ experience in the construction industry and desire and self-taught education with regard to the green building industry, I believe this is a great marriage. I have spoken to the board and will hit the ground running and we are ready to push forward with regard to our business plan that includes: MicroTurbines and our Bio Mass project. I also will be seeking additional acquisitions and plan to develop an Independent Investment and Acquisition board and will seek their recommendations,”

Currently, National Energy Services is trading in the $0.05 range. With a newly appointed leader such as David LaFarve in place and a business platform that not only obtains results but helps the environment, National Energy Services is a company to keep an eye on in the near future.

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