Even though the temperatures may be chillier, it is hard to turn away from the frozen drink that is the frappe. Friday is National Frappe Day, a time to try out the blended drink than can consist of espresso, coffee, fruit or a variety of other unique ingredients, topped with whipped cream.

Milkshakes, blended coffee and frozen fruit-flavored desserts with shaved ice are also considered frappes. Whether you are all about caffeine or prefer something on the fruity side, make sure you grab a frappe on this beverage themed day. Below is a list of five places you can pick up a frappe.


Known for their decadent chocolate, at select boutiques, Godiva offers frozen drinks that come in a variety of flavors. Blended with chocolate pieces and topped with chocolate sauce and whipped cream, frozen chocolate has never been more appealing.


The obvious choice, of course, the coffee chain serves up a variety of popular frozen drinks known as the Frappuccino. With flavors like java chip, pumpkin spice, green tea crème, s’mores, strawberries and more, you are sure to find a delicious blended drink that satisfies your taste buds.


Although some initially shunned the whole idea of McDonald’s serving decent coffee, the restaurant chain’s McCafé beverages has become wildly popular. Head into to your local McDonald’s for a McCafé shake or grab a McCafé chocolate chip frappe to satisfy a sweet tooth.

Dunkin’ Donuts

The establishment also known for its delicious donuts serves up blended drinks known as the Coolatta. Try the tropical mango Coolatta or the rich and creamy Dunkaccino.

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Known for their tasty coffees and signature teas, the beverage chain offers a variety of flavored blended drinks. Try out their Dark Chocolate Ice Blended Drink or sip on their decadent Black Forest Ice Blended Drink, which features espresso beans and maraschino cherries.