National Healthcare Partners is the catching attention of investors and clients because it has grown into a leading provider of unique discount healthcare membership programs. Today, National Health announced that they have entered into an agreement with a major international healthcare company in furtherance of its goal of creating a cross-border healthcare program.

Under this agreement, National Health will be offering the brand new CARExpress cross-border healthcare program, which is the name dubbed to the CARExpress international program. The program will be offered to people across the United States, with a particular focus on regions and cities with a large Hispanic population. The CARExpres international program will contain National Health’s CARExpress comprehensive discount program with a Hispanic component that will address the needs of family members living outside the United States.

When asked about the impact of this agreement, David M. Daniels, President and CEO of National Health Partners, was quoted as saying, “We are very excited to unveil our first cross-border healthcare program. Approximately 60% of the Hispanics living in the U.S. have family members living outside the U.S., and many of these people are not covered by any type of health insurance or discount program. The upcoming rollout of our first-ever CARExpress international program will provide a unique solution for all of the Hispanics attempting to obtain healthcare for their family in both the U.S. and abroad. For those Hispanics who do not have family outside the U.S., they will of course have the option of purchasing our traditional CARExpress comprehensive care program.”

“We will be rolling out the CARExpress international program to the public in the next few weeks and expect to generate a significant number of sales during the remainder of 2009,” continued Mr. Daniels. “Due to the unique manner by which we and the international healthcare company have combined our respective programs, we also expect to realize much higher gross margins on sales of the CARExpress international program. I am really excited about the launch of this unique program. The rollout of this program coupled with the pending rollout of the second stage of our internet marketing campaign will produce a tremendous amount of sales for us. We will continue to keep our shareholders informed of our accomplishments and expect to announce additional deals during the next few weeks.”

National Health Partners is on the cutting edge of revolutionizing the health care industry with their cross-border healthcare program. Currently, National Health is a hidden gem selling over-the-counter in the $0.11 range.