Fresh off the successful launch of several large scale campaigns, healthcare membership program provider National Health Partners, Inc. announced yesterday that it expects to generate more than 10,000 new members during January 2010. The company also anticipates between 40,000 and 50,000 new members during its fiscal quarter ending March 31, 2010.

If National Healthcare Partners achieves this goal, it will represent the largest number of new members ever generated in the company’s history. The new members have the potential to boost retention rates and lead to greater profit margins.

David M. Daniels, President and CEO of National Health Partners, commented, “I am very pleased with the launch of several new sales campaigns over the past few weeks and the momentum that we are quickly building, Our projections of more than 10,000 new members in January and between 40,000 and 50,000 new members during the first quarter of 2010 are based in part on the fact that most of the sales campaigns that our business partners have been preparing over the past few months have successfully launched this month as planned. Our sales to new members thus far in December are up 80% over the number of sales to new members that we had at this time in November. As each of these campaigns ramp up and new campaigns launch, the accelerating growth in our sales will enable us to achieve the revenue and cash flow targets that we announced last week.”

Mr. Daniels continued, “We are currently in the process of assisting some new business partners with the preparation of additional, large-scale sales campaigns. We will continue to issue additional news to our shareholders during the remainder of this month and into 2010 as these campaigns launch and as we gather additional information regarding our projected sales growth during 2010.”