Twitter declared April 13 as National Kiss Day, yet as this one has fallen on a Friday, Tweeters have taken to the popular social media site to express their concerns over what could possible happen when they pucker up to lay a smooch on their loved ones.

It's Friday the 13th and national kiss day... Things may be getting out of control. #lockyourdoors, wrote a Tweeter.

Why does today have to be Friday the 13th AND National Kiss Day?? What kind of sick joke is this? #singlegirlproblems, wrote another.

Friday the 13th and National Kiss Day? I wonder if kissing a black cat negates the bad luck of crossing one? tweeted a social media correspondent.

National Kiss Day and Friday the 13th means one thing...Cold sores! wrote a Tweeter in Essex.   

Friday the 13th and National Kiss Day? Thanks for the slap on the face, world, wrote another.

Nevertheless, National Kiss Day (not to be confused with International Kissing Day which falls on July 6th) should be celebrated today. Click through to see iconic kissing photos for some inspiration.