For some people, pets more like family members, and pet owners mourn the loss of their furry friends just as intense as the deaths of any other loved ones.

Thanks to the International Association of Pet Cemeteries and Crematories, on Sunday pet owners can now celebrate the life of their beloved pets on National Pet Memorial Day. The organization created the heart-warming holiday, which falls every year on the second Sunday in September, more than 40 years ago in effort to commemorate pets that have passed on and recognize the important role an animal friend can play in a person’s life.

National Pet Memorial Day doesn’t have to be a somber observance of a dearly-departed pet. It can be a time to cherish and remember all the great times shared with an animal companion.

Celebrate National Pet Memorial day and check out a few fun ways to remember your pet below:

1. Create a scrapbook or photo collage: Looking through old pictures is a great way to remember all the fun times spent with a pet. Putting together a scrap book or photo collage of a few favorite snapshots of a pet can not only be a great way to memoralize them but can also be a fun way to take a trip down memory lane.

2. Plant a tree in their memory: Whether it’s on top of their grave or their favorite spot in the backyard, planting a tree in a pet’s name is a different and environmentally friendly way to remember a pet. Not to mention, watching a tree grow throughout the year may give pet owners just as much of a rewarding feeling as watching a pet grow. With the help of the Arbor Day Foundation, pet owners can plant a tree in an animal's name and receive a personalized card or certificate with the tree’s location for just $10.

3. Revisit their favorite sites: Visit the areas around the house or yard that pets loved. Take a stroll through your pet’s favorite park and spend some time playing with their old friends. If still available, take out the toys and other memorable items that pets adored and think of all the fun times spent playing together.  

4. Volunteer at an animal shelter: While no other animal will ever replace the love of a former pet, showing some affection to other animals in need is a great way to get some major cuddling in and can maybe even lead former owners to creating a new friend. What better way to remember the affection a pet can bring than by allowing a new pet in need into your heart and home?

5. Donate to a charity: Choosing a charity based on your animals breed and sending a donation is a great way to honor a pet’s life. Donations advocate for better circumstances for animals and can leave owners with gratifying feeling of doing something for a good cause.