National Pie Day is Saturday, and whether your favorite flavor is pumpkin, cherry or apple, it serves as the perfect excuse to indulge. While pies are wildly popular year round — approximately $700 million worth are sold in grocery stores every year — make Saturday special by snagging a great discount on a delicious pie. In celebration of the holiday, Baker's Square is offering $2 off any pie through Sunday, or bake your own homemade pie instead of grabbing a store-bought slice.  Below are some of the most scrumptious pie recipes that will likely satisfy any sweet tooth.   

 Apple Crumb Pie: Nearly one out of five Americans prefer apple pie, according to the National Pie Council. Thirty-six million Americans have identified apple pie as their favorite, and those people typically identify themselves as independent, realistic and compassionate, the council said. This Apple Crumb Pie recipe, courtesy of, adds a little something extra to the traditional apple pie. This recipe incorporates thinly sliced apples, raisins, walnuts, brown sugar and ground cinnamon. Check out the recipe here. 

72669358 Mince pies wait to be eaten before the Wookey Hole Big Eat Mince Pie Eating Contest, at the Wookey Hole Show Caves, Nov. 29, 2006, near Wells, England. Photo: Getty Images

Chocolate Pie: For people with a major sweet tooth, chocolate pie hits the spot! People who enjoy chocolate pie describe themselves as loving, the council found. For chocolate pies, there are tons of variations you can experiment with from French Silk pie to chocolate meringue pie. If you want to try out a particularly decadent dessert, check out this recipe here for a chocolate pudding pie with a pecan nut crust.  

Pumpkin Pie: It might be a Thanksgiving staple, but many people enjoy pumpkin pie year-round. People who like pumpkin pie are typically funny and independent, according to the National Pie Council. Pumpkin pie has also been around for a long time, and was reportedly introduced to the holiday table at the pilgrim's second Thanksgiving in 1623.  Check out this delicious, classic pumpkin pie recipe here.