The rebel forces in Libya, whose vanguard has been blunted by fierce attacks by Gaddafi, have accused the NATO of failing to stop crucial supplies to the government forces.

The rebels said Gaddafi is amply supplied with oil and gas, as well as ammunition. “NATO told us that Gadhafi’s supply will be stopped. But, he has got a vessel full of oil and this gives him another life, Awad Juma, a leader of the rebels, told the Voice of America:

We thought if Gadhafi runs out of oil and gas, it will slow down his killing machine. But, all of a sudden, we found out that there is a vessel getting in despite the presence of NATO warships,” Juma said.

Juma asked the international community to stop the bloodshed and cut off supplies to Gaddafi that help him unleash vicious attacks on civilians.

The anti-Gaddafi forces have also said Gaddafi loyalists have been committing atrocities against civilians, including old people and children. They said NATO air strikes have not been effective in preventing civilian deaths in areas around Misrata.

“These atrocities are beyond inhumane acts. We call on all the human rights groups…to [help] stop these acts of committing these atrocities against old people, men and women and children being killed for nothing because they are on the side of the revolution, Juma told VOA.

NATO dismissed the charges, saying air strikes on Gaddafi's strongholds have been going ahead with force and precision. NATO also said it is committed to protecting civilian lives.

However, the French government on Wednesday appeared to have apprehensions over the efficacy of the NATO strikes in achieving stated goals. Foreign Minister Alain Juppe said he would have a talk with the NATO head and that the situation in Misrata cannot continue.