Drew A. Schnierow Sensual 2

Drew A. Schnierow, artist and sculptor, combines his pieces with their

subject and their light source. A sculptor of light and stone,

Schnierow creates one-of-a-kind pieces ranging in size from small

tabletop pieces, to larger commissioned works reaching three feet in

height as light fixtures and table lamps. A large part of his mission

is to not let the art fade into the background but be a presence in the

home, in stead. Why throw another print on the wall when you can add

the physical presence of a uniquely created piece?

The process is entirely organic from the use of natural materials as

the subjects of his pieces to sculpting each one by hand and is

completed in two to four weeks, depending on their size. Schnierow's

materials include colored soap stones, alabasters, honeycomb onyx, and

other translucent stones that allow careful transition of light.

These illuminated stone sculptures change the everyday table lamp into

handcrafted works of art, no two pieces of stone being the same due to

delicate, unique veining and color harmonies. Schnierow sells his work

across the country, from New York to Santa Monica, where he began his

work in an art collective and first discovered the beautiful properties

of honeycomb onyx, the stone most prevalent in his most recent

collection due to its incredible ability to work with light and form

relationships with other stones as well.

Each piece is custom-designed and ranges about $2,500 to $5,000. Their

natural lines and pure composition allow for their placement in any

surrounding: the centerpiece for a common living space or adorning the

walls of your entryway. Now, bringing about our connection to the earth

isn't just about driving a Hybrid and remembering to recycle, but

allowing Mother Nature's elements to really shine both outside and

inside our homes.