A New Jersey Superior Court judge has ruled that the parents who named three of their four children after prominent Nazi historical figures will not regain custody of their children. The decision was made on Thurs. , May 31.

The parents, Heath and Deborah Campbell, are self-proclaimed Nazis from Holland Township, N.J., according to the Huffington Post. The couple initially sparked controversy in November 2011 when the state claimed custody over their then-newborn child, Hons, the AP reported. The state also took custody of the couple's other children two years ago due to reports of violence in the Campbell home. The parents made headlines that year when a supermarket refused to decorate a birthday cake for their son, Adolf Hitler, whose siblings are named Joyce Lynn Aryan Nation and Honszlynn Hinler.

Lawyers involved in the case are banned from talking to the media by a gag order, reported the United Press International, but a spokeswoman for the New Jersey Division of Youth and Family Services Kristine Brown spoke briefly about the matter.

Every call or investigation that DYFS initiates at the end of the day is to determine if the child is at risk or in the midst of child abuse and neglect, she said to the UPI.

But the kids' father, Heath Campbell, says that the children were not taken for those reasons.

These kids weren't abused, Campbell said, according to UPI. Our kids weren't taken because of abuse. I'm honest about who I am and what I am.

A spokesperson also said to ABC News in 2009 that the DYFS would not remove a child from their parents care simply because of a name. Seeming to corroborate this claim, the family's neighbor Lori Dilts told the news source that the children seemed restricted in their home.

Those children looked outwardly healthy, but they didn't have much freedom, she said to ABC. Occasionally, the little boy would come over here and would hate having to go back to his house.

Campbell continued to say that his children are more important to him than his controversial practices.

If I have to give up my Nazism, then so be it he told UPI. [The children are] more my heart and soul and everything than anything.

The couple plans to appeal the ruling.