The NBA is going to cancel at least two more weeks of its season, says a source close to the league's plans. The source has said an announcement will be made Tuesday.

The talks between the National Basketball Association and players have broken off, with both the sides conflicting on major system issues. As a result, it was expected that the cancellations could total at least 102 more games through Nov. 28, the Daily News reported.

Earlier this month, the first cancellations made by the association totaled 100 games, running from the season opener on Nov. 1 through Nov. 14. Commissioner David Stern last week cast his doubt on the league's showcase Christmas Day games, saying that the games would be cancelled if there was no deal by last Tuesday.

Despite the bottleneck, the league still looks hopeful in getting a deal and save its traditional Christmas games.

Meanwhile, locked-out NBA players are saying that they want to get back to the bargaining table, but that they won't accept the precondition of a 50-50 split proposal of the owners.

I will call them to see if they want to get back together, Billy Hunter, the executive director of NBA said on Bill Simmons' ESPN podcast Monday. But if they still say they'll only meet if I accept their 50-50 (proposal), to me that's a non-starter. I can't agree to meet if I don't know what is going to happen on the other issues. That is intolerable.

Stern said it would take almost a month to put the new collective bargaining agreement on paper, to conduct free agency for upwards of 150 players, and run a short training camp and an abbreviated preseason schedule, the Daily News reported.