The NBA trade deadline is three weeks away, and there are only a handful of teams that don’t have a realistic chance to make the playoffs. With most of the second half of the season left to play, potential playoff teams, as well as NBA Finals contenders, are looking to make upgrades.

The league might have more point-guard depth than ever before, and the latest trade rumors suggest that a few point guards could be available. The best at the position that’s been at the center of recent reports is Jeff Teague, whom the Atlanta Hawks might consider dealing.

According to ESPN, the New York Knicks are one of a few teams that have talked to Atlanta about acquiring Teague. Through 47 games, the Knicks are two games out of the final playoff spot in the Eastern Conference, while the Hawks seem certain to make the postseason, holding the No.3 seed after 45 games.

An upgrade at point guard might be New York’s biggest need, and Teague is somewhat expendable for Atlanta since Dennis Schroder emerged as one of the top backup point guards in the league. Teague has one year left on his contract after this season at an affordable $8 million, but the Knicks might not have what it takes to get a deal done. New York doesn’t have a first-round pick in the 2016 NBA Draft.

The Utah Jazz are looking to add a point guard, according to ESPN’s Zach Lowe. The Houston Rockets had reportedly been shopping Ty Lawson, but it now appears that the team will hold onto the point guard. Despite speculation that the New Orleans Pelicans might be sellers and looking to deal Jrue Holiday, the team is not interested in trading him.

The Cleveland Cavaliers are set at point guard with Kyrie Irving, but there is plenty of speculation about a possible deal at the deadline. Because there’s been so much conjecture about the possibility of the team trading Kevin Love, Cavaliers general manager David Griffin made it a point to publicly say that Cleveland hasn’t received or made any offers regarding the power forward.

Griffin might very well be telling the truth, but even players on the Cavs believed Love might be moved.

If the Cavs do make a deal, they might look to trade Timofey Mozgov or Anderson Varejao. Cleveland has an excess of big men, and they are reportedly trying to acquire a backup to Iman Shumpert.

Love might not be traded, but a few other forwards have been mentioned in trade talks. The Phoenix Suns could deal Markieff Morris, who demanded a trade in the offseason, and players on the Cavs are reportedly in support of acquiring the power forward. The Denver Nuggets are trying to deal J.J. Hickson, and the Sacramento Kings reportedly rejected a trade for Rudy Gay that would’ve given them Eric Gordon and Alonzo Gee from the Pelicans.

Josh Smith was the latest NBA player to be traded, having been sent to the Houston Rockets from the Los Angeles Clippers.