Looking for clues to the fate of the Heroes? Three original paintings featured in NBC's hit series that foretell the characters' fates are part of an online auction of studio props to be launched Monday by NBC Universal.

The auction (http://www.NBC.com/auctions), will also feature collectibles from such shows as The Office, 30 Rock, Las Vegas and Friday Night Lights.

The first batch, on the block through December 3, will include Michael Scott's (Steve Carell) Timex watch and Hawaiian Convention shirt from The Office; a poker set used by the main cast of 30 Rock; Tim Riggins' (Taylor Kitsch) jersey, a signed football by three cast members and a megaphone signed by Minka Kelly from Friday Night Lights; and Danny's (Josh Duhamel) signed Letterman jacket from Las Vegas.

Each auction will last two weeks, with a new group of items becoming available about every three weeks, said Kim Niemi, senior vp at NBC Universal Video, Music & Product Development.

We worked with the shows to identify props and wardrobe items and pieces that the fans are really excited about, Niemi said. We have a great selection of dozens and dozens of items.

A portion of the auction's proceeds will benefit the United Way and its various partner organizations.