After receiving backlash from an animal rights group for drinking a glass of donkey semen, Fear Factor contestants Claire Odioso and Bryne Odioso have allegedly been told to keep their mouths shut by NBC. According to TMZ, the twins were threatened by the show with potential lawsuits, as they are bound to confidentiality agreements, if they chose to continue talking with the media about the deleted episode .

Claire reportedly got a call from the executives of the show because of a video of her talking about the episode on TMZ's site, defending her actions and clarifying that there was no animal pornography involved, as her critics had implied.

There's a large difference, no sexual acts involved, Claire announced on TMZ.  

We feel no animals were harmed during the stunt, and it is known that animal semen is consumed in parts of the world like Australia and New Zealand, Brynne  told

The twins have expressed that they are not ashamed of their actions, and are proud of their achievements, even though the episode was not aired. The episode, entitled Hew Haw, Hew Haw required the girls not only to down a glass of donkey semen, but also a glass of donkey urine.

During an interview on Cowhead Show with their hometown's Tampa Bay Radio, the twin sisters admitted they are disappointed that the episode was pulled because we wanted to share the experience with our friends and family. They also described the experience in detail, including the taste (bitter with hints of hay).

After the episode was leaked, it received more horrified reactions than usual and quickly disappeared from TV listings. While the controversy is settled, viewers will have to watch a rerun of the Snake Bite episode on Monday instead, according to MSN news.