The English Premier League will air on NBC Sports this coming season. To welcome the Premier League to the channel, NBC Sports released a short “mockumentary” of an American coach in England. Jason Sudeikis (“We’re The Millers”) plays Coach Lasso, an American coach who arrives in England to coach the Premier League’s Tottenham Hotspur Football Club. The four-minute video features Coach Lasso hilariously trying to adapt his American football training to European football, which is more commonly known as soccer in the United States. During a fake press conference, Coach Lasso illustrates the humorous ignorance of European football, stating “Any team I coach, they’re going to play hard for all four quarters,” then being corrected by an off camera voice yelling, “Two halves!”

The Premier League is a professional football league in England consisting of 20 clubs, including Manchester United, Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur among other football clubs. According to Sports Illustrated, the English Premier League will be available via NBC Sports and through overflow channels named, “Premier League Extra Time,” which current NBC Sports subscribers will receive for free.

The Premier League will begin to air on NBC Sports on August 17.

Watch NBC Sports’ hilarious take on an American coaching European football in the video above.