Yesterday, Verecloud Inc. announced that NBT Equity Research had released a research report on their company. This report details their expectations for revenues related to the cloud service industry as well as Verecloud’s part in that industry. This report can be read in full at

Verecloud is a Colorado based tech company that has created the Nimbus CSB platform. This platform integrates cloud service suppliers and connects to SMBs through multiple distribution channels. The Nimbus platform is targeted towards communications service providers, managed service providers and cloud computing services. NBT, a division of NBT Equity Group, is an independent equities research group dedicated to discerning new growth sectors, companies and ETFs.

Growth in the cloud computing sector is expected to reach more than $150 billion, which is up from $59 billion in 2009. A costly integration process means that new service adoption is low, and SMBs with less than 500 employees are a currently underserved market. Verecloud hopes to profit by bringing together SMBs that need expanded services with cloud computing suppliers. Verecloud will distribute, manage and provide billing for cloud services to SMBs. This will allow smaller SMBs to obtain capabilities that have typically only been available to larger companies.

NBT Founder and Chief Research Officer Tobin Smith said, “Verecloud is literally at the ground floor of the exploding Cloud Service Brokerage industry. NBT and industry analysts including Gartner expect revenues for the cloud service brokerage industry to explode in the small-to-mid sized business market, and the Verecloud CSB cloud service brokerage platform is uniquely positioned within this billion dollar monster growth segment.”