You are one day away from a weekend filled with college basketball, but still need a way to catch the NCAA Tournament from your computer at your office.

We don't have strategies for how to avoid your boss catching you watching March Madness, but we at least can give you some ways to catch all of the exciting action.

The most convenient way to watch all of the action is to go to the different websites carrying the games and authenticate your cable package. CBS Sports is offering all of its games for free on its website, but you'll have to go to,, and for games being shown on those networks.

If you have a cable package that includes those channels you simply go to those websites, punch in your account information, and then you should be able to watch games through those live streams for the remainder of the day. Some have complained about the difficulty of authenticating though.

If you don't have those channels with your cable package, you have two main options. One option is to pay $3.99 which gives you access to all of the remaining NCAA Tournament games. The package is called March Madness Live and is able to be streamed through your computer, your iPad, your phone, and other options. Paying to see what was once a free product has upset some, but early reviews of the first day of the NCAA Tournament raved about the high video quality of March Madness Live.

The other option is going through a Coke Zero promotion. Coke Zero is offering free access to the March Madness stream if you sign up for Coke Zero texting alerts with standard text messaging rates applied. In order to get access to the free live stream, you text the number zero with your favorite team to 2653. After sending the text message, you should get a code to use at